Goes Cube

Bragging Rights

Members: David Obuchowski, Kenny Appell, Matt Tyson
Albums: “In Tides and Drifts” and “Another Day Has Passed”
Genre: Rock
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Birthdate: 2003

The Skinny on Goes Cube

Goes Cube is an American rock band formed in 2003 in Brooklyn, N.Y., by guitarist-vocalist David Obuchowski. The drummer, Kenny Appell, joined the band in 2005, and Matt Tyson, bassist, joined in 2009. The group has released several EPs and two full-length albums, “In Tides and Drifts,” and “Another Day Has Passed.”

The band actually bowls most days while on tour. “At this point, the other bands we tour with and our fans know how much we love bowling,” says David Obuchowski. “We think it’s one of the best ways to get to know a town and meet our fans, and since we’ve got families of our own now, it also makes us feel a little less homesick. It’s become an integral part of what we do as a band.”

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