Joe "Joey Pants" Paluszek

Bragging Rights

Hometown: Bensalem, PA
Birthdate: 2/15/80
Nickname: Joey Pants
Status: Single
Throws: Right

The Skinny on Joey Pants

Paluszek, a right-hander from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, started bowling at the age of five and immediately fell in love with the game. He credits the great senior players of the area along with national champion Vince Mazzanti Sr. and Action bowling icon Charlie Faino for grooming him to be the player he is today.

“Joining the DV8 Bowling team is an amazing honor and I feel completely blessed,” said Paluszek. “I know that not many bowlers get an opportunity like this and I look forward to the challenge and to making a contribution to this great team.”

Latest Stats from the PBA

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