Robert Jackson OAKLYN, NJ Nasty Rumor nasty-rumor

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  1. rere 189 houston, tx DV8 Misfit misfit
  2. Kira Christensen 186 Lehi, ut DV8 Hooligan Taunt hooligan-taunt
  3. jerry jenkins 184 savannah, ga DV8 Hell Raiser Terror hell-raiser-terror
  4. Toni Hernandez 183 Panama city, FL DV8 Marauder Mutiny marauder-mutiny
  5. Joe DelleDonna 179 Port Charlotte, Fl DV8 Marauder Mutiny marauder-mutiny
  6. Rich Teer 177 Milford, NH DV8 Too Reckless too-reckless
  7. shane peterson 170 philadelphia, nw DV8 Misfit misfit
  8. HAFIZ 170 KL, MY DV8 Misfit misfit
  9. Peter Tipple 160 Ashington, UK DV8 DV8 Polyester dv8-polyester
  10. Zac hudd 160 brooklyn, mi DV8 Brutal Nightmare brutal-nightmare
  11. Jake stafford 160 Kernersville, NC DV8 Nightmare nightmare
  12. Manuel Castillo/Vandal 153 Canonsburgh, PA DV8 Vandal vandal
  13. Grouchy 147 Belmoville, au DV8 Reckless reckless
  14. Steve 140 Laurel, MD DV8 Misfit misfit
  15. jerry 126 madison, wi DV8 Thug thug
  16. joe 118 tampa, fl DV8 Brutal Nightmare brutal-nightmare
  17. dhananjay sharma 95 montgomery, al DV8 Zombie Spare zombie-spare
  18. Juan Sanchez 1 Town town, Ga DV8 Zombie Spare zombie-spare

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