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    @dv8bowling can't wait to drill these dimes up ;) https://t.co/xJ5swD3uqw

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    RT @TacoJedi: Mastermind Ater Pearl! Where is they Nirvana PEARL? @BrunBowl @dv8bowling @RadicalMoPhil https://t.co/0AK1b2w7v8

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    RT @TB_KOC: @dv8bowling bowled my first 300 last night! Your Bowling Center,Douglasville Ga. Thanks to my DV8 Brutal Nightmare https://t.c…

News Flash

DV8 Signs Joe Paluszek to Pro Staff

MUSKEGON, Mich., – DV8 Bowling announced today that Joe “Joey Pants” Paluszek is the newest professional bowler to join its Pro Staff.

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  1. Damn Good Design Created by German artist

    This one-of-a-kind ball was custom designed by a unique artist. In the early stages of developing DV8’s first spare ball and deciding what it should look like, ball developers were[…]

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  2. Ronnie Russell wins 5th Career PBA Regional

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  3. Goes Cube Joins DV8

    The DV8 brand has its own pro staff known as “Ballers,” and DV8 is adding the rock band, Goes Cube, to the regional staff in an attempt to cross-promote the DV8 brand and the[…]

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  4. Shannon “Shan-O-Mac” O’Keefe wins Texas State Bluebonnet Queens

    Shannon started the final game by striking the first nine, shooting 279, to win the tournament with the Hell Raiser Revenge, Reckless and Too Reckless.

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  5. DV8 Bowling Signs First Female Bowler

    Shannon “Shan-O-Mac” O’Keefe, is ready for a great bowling season with DV8 Bowling.

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