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    RT @dv8bowling: Take your pick, they're all dangerous! Out today! #ThugCorrupt #Vandal #HooliganTaunt Tonight We Bowl! http://t.co/5imads

  1. @5N1P3R5H0T:

    Sad to see my @dv8bowling ball crack. Guess it got a bit to hot in the trunk. Haha. It served me well. Got my high… https://t.co/8VDLFzKKOH

  1. @GreenacresBowl:

    Congrats to Dave Sharp for bowling a 279 game using the DV8 Grudge during Thursday 4's league, great bowling! @dv8bowling

News Flash

DV8 Signs Joe Paluszek to Pro Staff

MUSKEGON, Mich., – DV8 Bowling announced today that Joe “Joey Pants” Paluszek is the newest professional bowler to join its Pro Staff.

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  1. Joonas “JJ” Jähi is Newest DV8 Pro

    Meet Joonas “JJ” Jähi, pin crusher from Helsinki, Finland. JJ is the newest DV8 pro staffer. Joonas has been throwing rocks since he learned to walk. JJ was a straight-up baller in his[…]

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  2. Brian Valenta Joins DV8

    Brian, an extremely powerful two-handed bowler, enjoyed a highly-decorated collegiate bowling career. During his time at Linwood University, Brian was a three-time All-American, won the[…]

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  3. DV8 Signs Mike Machuga

    Mike attended the University of Nebraska where he earned Collegiate All-American honors twice. He enjoys golf, fishing, and playing guitar in his spare time. His favorite sports teams[…]

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  4. Introducing DV8

    Forget everything you know about Brunswick and its reputation for traditional yet sedate consumer bowling products. Named DV8, the new brand is being introduced with brash ads and[…]

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