Damn Good Design Created by German artist

The Zombie, DV8 Bowling’s first spare ball was just launched and is receiving horrifyingly good reviews, not only for its ability to pick up spares, but for its ghoulishly good looks. DV8 Zombie Spare Ball

This one-of-a-kind ball was custom designed by a unique artist. In the early stages of developing DV8’s first spare ball and deciding what it should look like, ball developers were intrigued when they saw a gory concept on a Web site for a German science fiction/horror cable channel. An idea was born when they noticed custom designed images of zombie heads painted on bowling balls.

The unique design was created by German artist, Oliver Paass of Solingen, Germany, using DV8 pro Mike DV8 Zombie Spare Ball “Choogs” Machuga as the model. The entire process took several months to complete, and there were several rounds of edits in order to make sure the design was gory enough. “We started by having Mike Machuga take pictures of himself from odd angles and while making strange faces. Then, Oliver transformed Machuga into a zombie and pealed back his scalp and skull to see inside of his head, which is on the back of the ball,” said Brian Graham, director of sales and marketing for DV8.

The custom designed Zombie has already proven to be a great addition to the DV8 brand, which is targeted toward younger and edgier bowlers. To see the Zombie for yourself, visit your pro shop or check out the Zombie page. Here’s to the ballers. The lane dwellers. The alley cats. And a new breed rising from the lanes. We are DV8. Tonight we Bowl.