DV8 Signs Mike Machuga

Mike "Choogs" Machuga First DV8 Pro

Mike attended the University of Nebraska where he earned Collegiate All-American honors twice. He enjoys golf, fishing, and playing guitar in his spare time. His favorite sports teams include the New York Yankees, Chicago Bears, and the University of Nebraska Corn Huskers. Mike’s first job was as a pinchaser in a bowling center that his grandparents owned until he was 14. He is known for his “Machuga Flop” which he performs to celebrate wins and occasionally during pro-ams and special events. Don’t try it at home.

Mike won the Bowlers Journal Doubles (1997, 2000), four mega-buck sweeper titles and five World Team Challenge titles as an amateur. He won his first title in the 2005 Greater Omaha Classic in Council Bluffs, Iowa, defeating Bill O’Neill, 256-245. His first win came after finishing second three times in his first 81 events. Mike made a career-high $103,980 in 2005-06. He owns one two PBA National titles and one PBA Regional title.

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