Goes Cube Joins DV8

Rock Band Goes Cube Joins DV8 Bowling’s Regional Pro Staff

Released in 2011, the DV8 line of bowling balls are not your father’s bowling balls. Targeting younger and edgier bowlers, the DV8 brand has its own pro staff known as “Ballers,” and DV8 is adding the rock band, Goes Cube, to the regional staff in an attempt to cross-promote the DV8 brand and the eccentric band. The band will be promoting the DV8 brand and bowling at their concerts and various bowling events while they are on tour.

“Goes Cube is a great fit for DV8,” says Brian Graham, director of sales and marketing for DV8. “These guys are bowlers, and they reinforce the fun and outrageous personality of the DV8 brand. We are very excited about adding some Ballers that will help us to bring DV8 and bowling to a new audience.”

Goes Cube is an American rock band formed in 2003 in Brooklyn, N.Y., by guitarist-vocalist David Obuchowski. The drummer, Kenny Appell, joined the band in 2005, and Matt Tyson, bassist, joined in 2009. The group has released several EPs and two full-length albums, “In Tides and Drifts,” and “Another Day Has Passed.”

The band actually bowls most days while on tour. “At this point, the other bands we tour with and our fans know how much we love bowling,” says David Obuchowski. “We think it’s one of the best ways to get to know a town and meet our fans, and since we’ve got families of our own now, it also makes us feel a little less homesick. It’s become an integral part of what we do as a band.”

The Ballers are excited for Goes Cube to join their line up. Current Ballers include Mike “Choogs” Machuga, Brian “Deuce” Valenta, Joonas “JJ” Jähi, Ronnie “Country Boy” Russell, and Shannon “Shan-O-Mac” O’Keefe.

The hip DV8 line offers bowling balls at three different performance levels and price points. The DV8 Misfit is the lowest priced option, offering a performance core and standard reactive cover stock in two intense neon color combinations that provide exceptional glow under black lights. The mid-priced DV8 Reckless ball has a symmetric core and a versatile, reactive cover stock that produce good, all-purpose ball motion on medium-oiled lanes. The top-of-the-line DV8 is Hell Raiser, which delivers professional performance with its aggressive cover stock wrapped around a strong asymmetric core for maximum bite, even on heavily oiled lanes.