Introducing DV8

DV8 - Damn Good Bowling

Forget everything you know about Brunswick and its reputation for traditional yet sedate consumer bowling products. Named DV8, the new brand is being introduced with brash ads and aggressive products that promise “Damn Good Bowling.” These are clearly not your father’s Brunswick bowling balls.

“Our new DV8 balls play to younger and edgier bowlers,” said Brent Perrier, president of Brunswick Bowling. “There’s more cockiness to the attitude, and more aggressive punch to the actual performance. We believe that progressive, image-conscious bowlers are really going to go for this new brand because it fits right in to their groove,” Perrier continued.

The DV8 line rolls out with four new balls at three different performance levels and price points. The DV8 Misfit is the lowest priced option with a performance core and standard reactive coverstock in two intense neon color combinations. The yellow/magenta and orange/blue Misfits also feature exceptional glow under black lights. The mid-priced DV8 Reckless has a symmetric core and a versatile, reactive coverstock that produce good all-purpose ball motion on medium oiled lanes. It comes in a blue/ neon green pearl color combination. At the top of the line, the DV8 Hell Raiser delivers professional performance with its aggressive coverstock wrapped around a strong asymmetric core for maximum bite even on heavily oiled lanes. In addition, all DV8 balls are backed by a two-year warranty, something that even younger bowlers can appreciate.

“Everything about DV8 is different,” said Brian Graham, Brunswick director of marketing for consumer products. “From how they look on the shelf to how aggressively they react on the lane – with ball motion that is longer and stronger on the back-end. Man, these balls are good! And the same goes for the two pros who are about to start out using these products.” Graham said.

The inaugural pro staff for DV8 includes 26-year-old up-and-comer Brian Valenta and two-time PBA title-winner Mike Machuga. “I have always been one of those people who colored outside the lines,” said the pro whose signature “Machuga Flop” involves hurling himself down the lane with ball still in hand to celebrate big victories. “The brand is a great match for my personality, and the products are a great fit for my game.” Valenta, who utilizes the two-handed delivery, seconded that emotion, saying, “I’m certainly not normal when it comes to bowling – and DV8 isn’t a normal bowling ball brand either. I’m going into my first season as an exempt player on the PBA, and I’m extremely confident that DV8 balls are going to elevate my game.”