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Spec Table
Spec Label Spec Value
Level $$$$$
Part Number 60-106096-93X
Color Halogen Yellow
Core Toxicity
Coverstock Toxin-R
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Finish 500 and 1,500 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 12-16 lbs.
Hook 260
Length 115
RG 2.564 (15 lb.)
DIFF 0.054 (15 lb.)
ASY 0.001 (15 lb.)
Performance All Purpose with Strong Backend
Lane Condition Medium to Heavy Oil
Warranty Two years from date of purchase
Poison Cores 850X1025-0

Poison Cores

The Poison has been designed with 3.5 times more coverstock for improved durability, performance longevity, and incredible hitting power. The enhanced Coefficient of Restitution results in the pins flying faster for greater pin action and more strikes.


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