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No-Thumb Resources

The fastest growing and most exciting category in our game is the no-thumb and two-handed bowlers. These styles have revolutionized the game, yet there has never been a bowling ball designed with the uniqueness of these players in mind. DV8 saw a need in the market for bowling balls that would work for traditional bowlers but is specifically designed with no-thumb and two-handers in mind. This page has all the resources you need to maximize your style!

Trouble Maker half cores-0

Defined drill areas equal more dramatic results

The Dualistic core is larger than the typical core. It has defined areas built into the design for the two-finger holes to hit specific core parts to change the numbers and reaction more dramatically than a typical core shape. Patent Pending.

Tools and Guide

SYMMETRIC: No-Thumb Dual Angle Converter Tool

To help with the no-thumb layouts, we recommend using the Dual Angle Converter Tool to translate the recommended DOT to center of grip (CoG) and DOT to positive axis point (PAP) distances into dual angle layouts. Our no-thumb Dual Angle Converter Tool provides the dual angle values for your desired layout helping maximize the ball performance. (NOTE: Converter is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

DOT to Center-of-Grip (CoG) Distance Guide

Remember: the CoG is the bridge center for no-thumb players. Do not confuse this with the ball’s CG. Use this guide with DOT-to-PAP distance to obtain desired reaction. Patent Pending.

Info Video Series

VIDEO 1: Design Intent / Solution

DV8's solution to the challenges two handed bowlers have faced.

VIDEO 2: Concept to Development

See the design process behind the Trouble Maker.

VIDEO 3: Dualistic Core Overview

Technical analysis of the core properties. How are the Trouble Maker cores physically different from other cores and why?

VIDEO 4: Drilling Overview

Drilling options that maximize the Trouble Maker for your game.

VIDEO 5: Layouts & No-Thumb Dual Angle Converter Tool

Layout overview with different pin distance options.

VIDEO 6: On-Lane Performance

Watch the different variations go down the lane.

VIDEO 7: Thumb-in Performance

How the Trouble Maker reacts if you DO use a thumb hole.

Balls Designed for no-thumb and two-handed bowlers